conference report

Delve into the comprehensive examination of shutdown measurements in country-case studies, explore relevant wireless, decentralized networking, sneakernet and self-hosted networking solutions showcasing key learnings of the inaugural conference.

In this report:

  • An overview of the splinternet and its implications for global connectivity.
  • Insights into network measurement techniques and their importance in understanding and navigating the splinternet.
  • Detailed case studies from countries like Iran, Russia, and Ukraine, offering a firsthand look at the impact of internet fragmentation.
  • Innovative solutions and technologies designed to overcome the barriers of the splinternet, from wireless communication methods to circumvention technologies.


  • day 1
  • day 2
  • day 3

The practices and impacts of network isolation and shutdowns

Solutions for communication with sovereign networks

Track 4: Breaking Through
Track 5: Constellation Freedom?
Track 6: Tools, Protocols and Connectivity

Track 7: Tools, Protocols and Connectivity

Track 8: Tools, Protocols and Connectivity

Track 9: Tools, Protocols and Connectivity

  • Network Traffic Transformations 
  • I Sync, You Sync, Ouisync: Decentralized file-sharing and Sneakernets
  • Fediverse to the Rescue
  •  Sunbeam
  • Public Mesh Networking with Android Devices

From discussion to design and development


  • Archiving with Webrecorder 
  • Project Ainita: Iran Cyber Threat Intel (CTI) Portal for researchers and tool-makers
  • IODA: Internet Shutdown Rapid Response Protocol  
  • Archiving with Webrecorder 
  • Deflect Service Desk 
  • Bluetooth communication with Briar
  • Gamefying shutdown awareness 

Brainstorm sessions:

  • SplinterNet Future Scenarios ​​​
  • Don’t be Afraid of the Splinternet 
  • Senegal Use Case: Facing Internet shutdowns during crisis periods  
  • Make Worlds Collide: How to Foster Collaboration among Tech Experts and HR Activists
  • Visualising Internet Routes 

Advisory Council – Montreal

To keep the the meeting focused and productive, presentations submitted to the Call for Proposals were selected by the advisory council. Meet the team behind the inaugural SplinterCon.

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