Code of Conduct at the SplinterCon:

  1. By registering for the Splintercon conference, the participant accepts these rules.
  2. The rules apply to all organizational actions (online and offline) related to the event, from the moment of registration until the official end of the conference.
  3. The rules apply not only to participants but also to organizers, speakers, and mentors.
  4. The SplinterCon conference is a safe space that respects freedom of identity and expression. 
  5. Words and actions directed against the values ​​of the event, carried out during the period of these rules, will be perceived by the organizers as a violation of these rules and may serve as a basis for refusal to participate in the conference. 
  6. Any form of communication with other conference participants should not humiliate others and should not contain hate speech. Hate speech is defined as a generalized designation of linguistic means of expressing a sharply negative attitude of “opponents” – carriers of a different system of religious, national, cultural, or more specific, sub-cultural values. This phenomenon can act as a manifestation of racism, xenophobia, ethnic hatred and intolerance, homophobia, as well as sexism, ageism, etc. 
  7. The right to privacy of conference participants is at the heart of this event’s values. It is prohibited to shoot and publish photos, videos or other personal data of conference participants, inside or outside of the event, without their explicit permission.
  8. Violations of the rules described in paragraphs 2 – 4 can be reported either directly to the organizers or to (letters are received by 4 eQ employees at the same time). Or via phone/skype +18638732841 
  9. The conference organizers guarantee a fair examination of the complaint received and, if it is established that the complaint has a basis, a reaction in the form of sanctions against participants who violate these rules. 
  10. The organizers guarantee the confidentiality of the complainants’ data. 
  11. Actions in the form of revenge, retaliation and other similar actions as a response to complaints received from the participants of the conference are not allowed.
  12. In case of violation of these rules, the organizers reserve the right to refuse participation in the conference and hackathon. 
  13. Before refusing to participate, the organizers must warn the participant at least once about the violation of the rules. The maximum number of warnings is at the discretion of the organizers. 
  14. By filling out the registration form, the participant agrees to the collection, storage, processing and use of personal data. The organizers (a) use your data solely for the purpose of organizing the event, (b) do not transfer it to third parties, (c) store it for 6 months.