Mass censorship and the emergence of “splinternets” challenge global digital communications. Such internet fragmentations have economic, political, and humanitarian consequences. Current solutions for bypassing network filtering may not stand up to the challenges presented by censorship-in-depth and isolated networks. Wireless communications, decentralized networking and self-hosted solutions are necessary for internet resilience. Join us at SplinterCon, the first conference dedicated to identifying and beginning to challenge connectivity restrictions of the splinternet.

SplinterCon Objectives

Technology for reaching isolated networks and practical solutions for independent communications within national networks.


The practice and use-cases of network shutdowns. Assess the impacts of network isolation on society.


Existing and future tech solutions for communication with and within sovereign networks.

Invest In

Practical applications of hardware, software, protocol and spectrum solutions to connect users.

Program Selection Committee

Call for papers and presentations is now open

We invite you to share innovative solutions for isolated networks. Submit original papers, presentations and become a part of the SplinterCon program.