Call for Presentations

We look for original presentations, ideas for group discussion and lighting talks, technology showcases, awareness and capacity building workshops – relevant to the conference thematic. Our technology focus includes autonomous systems, shutdown resilient communications, new circumvention methods or obfuscation protocols, decentralized networking projects and wireless connectivity technologies. We also are open to academic submissions from researchers specialized in network measurements, as well as testimonies from countries affected by network shutdowns and isolation.

Submission deadlines:

Submission deadline: May 10, 2024
Author notification: May 17, 2024
Final papers due: June 07, 2024

Presentations lengths:

Papers must be between 3-10 pages.
Presentations no longer than 20 slides. 
Submissions need to present original work.

Lightning Talks 10 min
Full presentations 30 min

Conference thematic

The National Information Network is a decade long project to create a national intranet. When censorship evolves to a shutdown – how do we continue communications with and within a sovereign network?

We invite submissions of both long and short papers including but not limited to the following key topics:

  • Satellite (one way and bidirectional) 
  • Broader wireless (grey-market), radio, power-line communication 
  • All practical mobile telecommunications standards and LEO connectivity
  • Federated; decentralized protocols and services
  • Peer to peer and device-to-device communications services and applications
  • Traffic obfuscation and hole punching

The program committee will select from your submissions for presentation at SplinterCon. Accepted papers, proposals and presentations will be included in the post conference report with the author’s permission.

call for papers

Share solutions in response to network fragmentation!