A butterbox deployment includes digital tools for monitoring, collecting evidence and circumventing censorship in high risk areas. A mini computer powered by a portable battery or solar panel, it works as a hotspot that people connect to via WiFi when there is no local access to the Internet. 

A butterbox deployment features an ad-free, curated collection of apps from partners that can be shared offline and work on low-end devices. The apps are very small so users don’t have to remove data on their phone to install it. 

It also features a local encrypted Matrix chat that can be joined anonymously to chat and share images or videos. Butterbox works with journalists, activists, indigenous communities and NGOs. It has been deployed in many areas with limited Internet connectivity and electricity. It is possible to add software and content locally with some technical background using custom butterbox runners. The concept is intended to be deployed before a disaster event so users are familiar with it. 

Visit project website: https://likebutter.app/box/