eQsat, eQualitie’s project, is an innovative approach designed to circumvent internet censorship using a satellite feed masquerading as a television station. This satellite feed carries a payload of uncensored news and apps. Special machines equipped with satellite receivers will automatically receive the broadcast, extract the hidden file, and upload the information to the network. Once in the country, this content is dispersed among users via p2p apps like the Ceno browser and the Android app store Paskoochech. eQsat employs a method akin to a trojan horse, disguising the delivery of information in a manner that makes it difficult to intercept or jam, using steganography to camouflage the data. This technology is particularly effective in circumventing censorship, as it bypasses local infrastructure controlled by restrictive regimes. eQSat can deliver up to 10GB of new content every day. 

Visit project website: https://sat.equalit.ie/