OpenArchive collaborates with human rights defenders and organizations to develop responsive, secure, and ethical archiving tools and resources to advance justice and accountability.

We are currently integrating distributed web (DWeb) storage into our flagship mobile application, Save, designed to help human rights defenders and eyewitnesses share, archive, verify, and encrypt their mobile media to protect themselves and their media from internet censorship, shutdowns, surveillance, targeting, and data loss or manipulation.

Save harnesses the power of the DWeb to create a resilient and decentralized network for media storage and sharing. By ensuring that vital evidence and stories can be preserved, verified, and disseminated, even in the face of the threats above the app serves as a critical tool for building resilience into the evidentiary media ecosystem to promote accountability and justice. The app also incorporates strong privacy and security features to protect the identities and locations of users, safeguarding them from potential retaliation by those seeking to suppress their work.

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