Montreal’23 conference report

This report presents an analytical summary and key outcomes of the first SplinterCon (Montreal, Dec 7-9, 2023). It gives you the overview of the most recent research on the phenomenon of splinternet, network fragmentation, national intranets and digital sovereignty. It walks you through country-specific cases and first-hand user stories, from Iran to Ukraine. Finally, the report brings you state of the art technological solutions against informational isolation, provides illustrative infographics and key numbers relevant to the Splinternet.

recommended reading 

Browse through our library of carefully selected research papers, publications, and videos on splinternets and network shutdowns. Learn new ways to measure connectivity and understand the impact of network fragmentation. Follow our tool guides and manuals to stay connected during Internet shutdowns and even create your own community networks. Empower yourself with practical resources to navigate fragmentation.


How close is permanent fragmentation of the global internet? What key milestones have propelled us towards splinterisation? Delve into our timeline tracing the genealogy of splinternets and showcasing pivotal events from regulatory shifts to technological leaps. Embark on this journey with us as we chart the countdown to a fragmented future.

Road to Cheburnet

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to sit behind the desk of government censor? Dealing with budgets, superiors barking orders, lack of punitive legislation and the constant progress made by the annoying community of censorship circumvention developers – it’s not easy being an internet cop 🙂

 Play the game and find out!