Paskoocheh, serves as an app store, community hub, and comprehensive resource for Iranians seeking to circumvent censorship, securely communicate, and freely express themselves online. Developed by ASL19, this project collaborates with tool developers and user communities to enhance censorship resilience and ensure continuous evolution of technologies to counter information controls and internet shutdowns.

Since its inception in 2016, Paskoocheh has facilitated over 7 million tool downloads, reaching millions of users and collaborating with numerous tool developers and a committed community to localize, test, and enhance tools in Iran. The platform aims to foster a stronger relationship between user and developer communities, offering a diverse array of responsive tools and resources to Iranians and preparing them for anticipated challenges in accessing digital media and the open internet.

Through its services, Paskoocheh lays the groundwork for increased access to information and nurtures a sustainable digital tool ecosystem prioritizing users’ needs above all else.

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