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Cloudflare Radar

Cloudflare Radar is a hub that showcases global Internet traffic, attacks, and technology trends and insights. Radar is powered by data from Cloudflare’s global network using NetFlow and aggregated and anonymized data from Cloudflare’s public DNS Resolver. In some cases, Radar uses data from PeeringDB (interconnection meta-information) and APNIC (visible ASNs customer population measurements). The project helps to detect and corroborate reports of Internet disruptions, providing aggregated views of traffic, outages, connection quality (bandwidth, latency, DNS, TCP connection), routing (route leaks and origin hijacks), etc. It also tracks the popularity of websites, internet technologies, and adoption rates of web standards, making it a valuable resource for understanding the digital landscape and identifying emerging threats. Data can be filtered by country/ASN and by time and is available via API.

Visit project website: https://radar.cloudflare.com