The Brussels edition of SplinterCon is co-organized with our long-term partners and contributors, the ASL19 team.

ASL19 is a diverse group of technologists, journalists, community organizers, designers, refugees, immigrants, and more. United by shared values and principles, they work to support the right to securely access information, freely express oneself online, and be protected from misinformation. They believe in the power of technology to create positive social impact and in the importance of open information to hold those in power accountable.

Founded in 2012, ASL19 (اصل۱۹) is named after the Persian translation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Initially focused on supporting the free flow of information in Iran by circumventing internet censorship, ASL19 now addresses various threats facing civil society in Iran by designing and developing solutions with and for diverse communities. They believe that unfettered access to information and freedom of expression foster an open society that can advance human rights, create positive social change, and ensure accountability.