SplinterCon Schedule

  • June 12
  • June 13

  • How to shut down the Internet – a user guide
  • MESA, WASM Transports and P2P Proxying
  • Measuring Circumvention Techniques
  • Bridging isolated networks: technologies and ideas
  • The Russian National Domain Name System: Structure, Evolution, and Global Impact on Internet Freedom
  • Shutdowns around the world – 2023
  • Secure communication during Internet shutdowns with Nahoft
  • Measuring and bypassing censorship remotely

An inaugural technology demonstration and event that creates an isolated network and encourages participants to break out!

  • Presentation of the technology stack
  • Discussion around privacy and ethics of building censorship test-beds
  • Capture the flag (network breakout) trial run
Montreal Report

Get familiar with topics and technologies from the last SplinterCon

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